Why Jim Cramer Is Focused on the Worker, Not Industry Bailouts

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Just how big of a bailout should the restaurant industry look at? Well, that's not Jim Cramer's focus.

Cramer weighs in on why he's more focused on workers than the restaurant industry.

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Katherine Ross:
Over on Twitter, Jim, I've seen a lot of talk about restaurant bailouts and you're a small business owner yourself, you own restaurants. So I want you to give us some insight as an owner yourself of what kind of bailout package do you think that the restaurant industry is going to need afterwards?

Jim Cramer:
All right, so let's be clear. There's no demand because you can't go to the restaurants. The people who own the restaurants are people who tend to be wealthier than the workers. I have always been pro worker, not necessarily pro owner, even though I am an owner. I only care about the workers getting the money so that they can stay alive and feed their families. I know that my view is going to be viewed as being heretical because if you support the owner, then the owner will be able to open the restaurant again. That's the theme, right? But that's what I regard as being a false dichotomy. It's not the owner or the worker. You support the worker and you figure out how you can help the owner when this thing is over. Okay?

Jim Cramer:
But in the interim, the owner's going to have more capital than the worker. I've never been in a situation where the worker has more capital than the owner. Never, never in all my career, and I've had all sorts of jobs. So as much as I'm a restaurateur and a bar and a tavern owner and an inn owner, I do not want a bailout because my employees are the ones I'm worried about. They don't have anything. Now you can say, well Jim, it's just a hobby for you. You're really wealthy, whatever. No. A person who has capital is not the person I'm worried about. I'm worried about the person without the capital.

Jim Cramer:
It's kind of like you always hear, you know what? We need to help people in America. Let's cut the capital gains tax. Well, only rich people have capital gains. I mean, all of these things, you're going to have to go back to the real issues involving the social contract between the people in America. And what you need to do is, you need to help the workers, and I'm not going to deviate from that. Help the owners later on. Helped the workers now.

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