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Why Jim Cramer Doesn't Want Investors Worrying About Inflation

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Should investors worry about inflation? This was the question Jim Cramer tackled on Mad Money last night.

"Cramer explained to his Mad Money viewers that when inflation is on the rise, future earnings from high-growth tech companies become less attractive. That means money managers rotate out of growth and into cyclicals and the financials. Normally, that wouldn't be a big issue, but with so many tech stocks flooding the market, there's a lot of selling left to do," TheStreet's Scott Rutt wrote in his Mad Money recap.

"But the bigger issue remains, are investors right to be worried about inflation? Cramer thinks not. He said many of the rising commodity prices are only transient. Oil prices have already begun to decline as OPEC loosens restrictions. Plastic prices will come down once many of the plants in Texas come back online after crippling storms. And the lumber shortage could be fixed with a call to our neighbors to the north, Canada. Interest rates can't grow trees, after all," Rutt continued.

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