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Why Jim Cramer Calls Tesla a 'Phenomenon'

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Jim Cramer has ten reasons that Tesla is a "phenomenon."

"[Tesla CEO Elon] Musk himself has gone from someone who seemed chronically on the verge of some sort of nervous breakdown or egomaniacal high that he became his own worst enemy. We don't know if he's gotten his life together, I sure hope he has, and maybe he even believes it is together and it isn't. The fact is it doesn't matter," Cramer wrote.

Read his full take on Tesla and Musk over in his column on Real Money.

"Top of mind is Tesla. Why? Because it's emblematic of what I see happening right now, which is that there are just so few sellers. So you have these stocks that have that gap up and, and I say gap up because what happens is the buyers--we used to call this the trading desk--they're trying to find the level, the level where sellers emerge and they can't seem to find them. You see the same thing by the way, with the drug stocks, with an Eli Lilly, with a Merck, you know, maybe it's ETF buy, but you can't, no level seems to bring out sellers," noted Cramer.

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