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Why Jim Cramer Calls Dr. Anthony Fauci a 'General'

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Should you tune into President Trump's press conference?

Jim Cramer weighs in for investors who aren't sure about whether or not they should watch the White House coronavirus task force press briefings.

Here's what he had to say.

Video Transcript:

Katherine Ross:
Jim, you mentioned the President's press briefings, which he does almost daily nowadays. Is it important for people to be tuning in to those briefings daily? What do you think about that?

Jim Cramer:
No. Because I had Mad Money running against the President's briefing yesterday. There's become this lore that it's Fauci versus Trump. And so President Trump has to say, "As much as I wanted to do April 12th, I'm not going to go against Fauci." He has to do that. That's what America wants to hear. We know that when Fauci was missing on Monday, Wall Street Journal wrote about it. He stands for true north. We like true north in this country. And Fauci's a general, and the President is a civilian. And you got to trust the generals in this war. And Dr. Fauci is a five-star general. So you can't dismiss him. You can't cashier a five-star general, unless you're Truman trying to cashier MacArthur, because MacArthur wanted to drop the A-bomb on China. So, we need to have more respect for our general, our field general, and that means the President has to say, "You know what? I know that I want to open things April 12th, but I have tremendous respect for our field general, and our field general says he'll tell us when it's all clear."

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