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Why Jaguars' Owner Shahid Khan Is Making a Huge Bet on the Black News Channel

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Have you heard about the Black News Channel?

The new network, which is slated to launch on November 15, will have a prominent focus on the African American community. 

So, for a community that is so often underserved by the mainstream media, why was now the time to launch the Black News Channel?

"The Black news channel is culturally specific to the African American community. You've got 200 plus stations on any cable system. We are the one location that you can come and find out about wellness culture, um, you know, current affairs as it relates to, uh, the African American communities. So, we launch on November 15th of this year and we're looking forward to creating a venue that African Americans can find culturally specific issues pertaining to them," said J.C. Watts, a former Republican congressman from Oklahoma and chairman of the Black News Channel. 

So, why did the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Shahid Khan, invest in the network?

"As J.C. was saying, it meets specific needs of the community. That's the under-served African American. It's great for me to be part of it," said Khan.

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