Why Investors Shouldn't Expect a Trade Deal or a Recession Come 2020

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Don't panic. 

At least, not about a recession in 2020.

Nela Richardson, investment strategist with Edward Jones, joined TheStreet to talk about the jobs report that the market will get on Friday, Dec. 6 and why she doesn't expect to see a recession come 2020...or, for that matter, a trade deal.

"There's not going to be a recession next year. That's our view. That yield curve has become a very muddy indicator. It's really influenced not just by the U.S. domestic economy, but the global economy and this persistence of negative yields abroad. So that's weighed down the long end of the curve," explained Richardson. "We don't think it's indicating recession, but it is indicating slower growth in 2020 and that's right where we're at."

  And of course, what about trade since we've seen so much back and forth between the U.S. and China -- especially this week.

So, why does Edward Jones believe that a comprehensive trade deal won't be signed in 2020?

 "We're still talking about buying Ag products and rolling back tariffs. We haven't even gotten to intellectual property protection, even playing ground, reduction of subsidies to Chinese firms, all these big issues that really should form an enduring trade policy. What we might get though is something interim that removes or at least alleviate some of the trade uncertainty we've seen this year," explained Richardson.

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