Why Investors Should Pay Attention to Huawei and 5G

5G is just around the corner. What does this mean for the future of the internet?
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Jim Cramer thinks that. while 5G isn't here just yet, investors should start paying attention to the tension between the U.S. and Huawei. 

Real Money's Stephen Guilfoyle weighed in on Huawei in his Market Recon column on Real Money Monday morning. 

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"President Trump has alluded to 5G technology on Twitter. If China creates a more open environment for U.S. and all foreign industry on Chinese soil, does the U.S. in turn reduce the heat on Huawei? Is that part of any deal of trade. Are all matters including those of a legal nature or even those that might involve national security simply transactional at the end of the day?" wrote Guilfoyle.

Cramer explains his thoughts in the video above. Watch to see what he has to say. 

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