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Why Huawei May Be the 'Seed' of the Next 'Cold War'

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Let's talk about Huawei. 

Real Money contributor Stephen "Sarge" Guilfoyle joined TheStreet to talk about Huawei. 

"Well, that's really the seed of the Cold War as far as I'm concerned...It's a reason why I'm always involved in names like Lockheed Martin, like Kratos defense. And by extension, Northrop Grumman, LHX, Raytheon, Utex. Let's face it, I'm in those names cause I like those names, but they've been performing for quite some time. And, Huawei, back to your real question, really impacts the semiconductors more than anything else, but I think it's long as there's a point of contention, there's something that could go wrong. It's a reason for both sides to play fair. It also allows the U.S. To use to try to use allies in taking this trade piece to another level with China. So, I'm kinda glad they didn't give in so easily on Huawei, because let's face it, if there is a national security issue and there must be, then you have to make a stand somewhere," said Guilfoyle.  

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