Why Hershey's Century-Old Brands Still Resonate

Hershey's Chief Sales Officer Rob Gehring tells TheStreet how they keep their legacy brands current.
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I'm Rob Gehring with the Hershey Company (HSY) - Get Report . We have brands that are over 100 yrs old. But key core brands are what drive the business during the holiday season. And so, if you think of the Hershey portfolio, we have 3 of the top 5 brands, the Hershey brand, Kit Kat brand, and the Reese's brand.

So, several of these brands are really old. But what really drives them, is not only they rresonate with shoppers of all ages. But also we constantly innovate, so this year we have new innovation on Kit Kat. We have glow in the dark packaging, to help add excitement to the trick or treaters who are out there in the dark.

And then we actually have Reese's Spooky Eyeballs. So we're constantly innovating around our core brands. Reese's with Pieces is a new product we've added into our assortment this year.

So we constantly seek of how we engage the existing heritage brands as part of the Hershey Company, along with new innovation that resonates with our shoppers across a broad spectrum.

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