Why Earnings Season Will Prove That There's No Recession in Sight

Are you ready? Nicole Webb, a financial adviser at Wealth Enhancement Group, breaks down earnings season.
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Winter--I mean earnings--are coming. 

Nicole Webb, a financial adviser at Wealth Enhancement Group, sat down with TheStreet to talk about earnings and how investors can prepare their portfolios.

"It's one of those things where it's like they always come to us and say lower your expectations so that they can come to us with look at we outperformed what we said to the street that we might give you. We are anticipating pretty standard kind of standard data. So we're going to come to you and say hey don't be overzealous and that's what they've done thus far and then likely to come back to us and say oh well," said Webb.

"Well we did it and we beat it just a little bit. So we still think that the economic data, that there's strength in the U.S. economy. We're not buying into an imminent recession at this point," she continued. "But we do see probably more slowed and stable growth. We can't get that resurgence that we got out of jobs and tax reform. So closing on 2017 that really lifted numbers for 2018 but that math is not repeatable again in 2019. So we're going to need something more."

Webb also weighed in on volatility, interest rates and what's going on with the recent swings in the retail sector. You can watch the full interview here

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