Why Do Investors Care About Black Friday?

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Black Friday is one of the biggest spending days of the year.

And like Cyber Monday and the rest of the holiday season, the day gives investors a chance to check the pulse of the American consumer.

Retailers open their doors early on the fourth Friday of November - or the day after thanksgiving - and people line up in droves outside the stores.

Investors get a check on the following:

1. how strong is the consumer?

2. How strong is brick-and-mortar?

It's well documented, but e-commerce sales have been increasingly eating into brick-and-mortar stores' market share for consumer spend for almost two decades now.

But on Black Friday, everyone lines up outside physical stores, the brick-and-mortar ones.

To see which companies in particular to follow before and after Black Friday, watch the quick video above (hint: many of the big retailers are the ones to watch). 

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