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Why Distribution Is Important for Disney+

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Let's talk about Disney+ (DIS) on its launch day. 

The streaming platform went down on its launch day, and Tony Owusu, TheStreet's breaking news reporter, doesn't think that investors should be worried about an impact on the stock.

TheStreet's tech reporter, Annie Gaus, on the other hand, is focusing on the distribution and how that could impact Disney in the long run. 

"...This is the first day and it's actually kind of a badge of honor if you had so many people that want to get into your service that you actually cause your platform, to, you know, break down. This actually is a badge of honor. Now if it's a week from now and it's still going on, that may be a problem. But let's just quick look at Twitter. Disney's trending. Stanley's trending. The Mandalorian, which is the Star War's show is trending. Hulu is trending. Verizon's even trending cause they distribute Disney and all these things are trending. You know, what's not trending? Disney Plus outage. I think they're going to be fine," said Owusu.

Watch the full video for Gaus's take on distribution.

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