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Why a Broken Window on a Tesla Won't Shatter Investors Trust in Elon Musk

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Last night, Tesla (TSLA) - Get Free Report unveiled its newest car -- the Cybertruck.

The angular six-seater truck might draw comparisons with a Delorian or, as CEO Elon Musk suggested in a tweet Thursday, the Lotus from the "Spy Who Loved Me." However, Musk went to great lengths to target the Ford (F) - Get Free Report F-150, the best selling vehicle in America, which Musk referenced several times during the Cybertruck's unveiling Thursday night in Los Angeles, reported TheStreet's Annie Gaus.

The truck has a 250-mile range at the low end and 500 at the high end, according to Tesla. It takes 2.9 seconds to reach 60 mph, a performance figure that places it on par with a current model Porsche, the company suggested in a test video played at the product event.

The truck in its base model form will retail at $39,900 and up for the 250-mile range version. The top-line version sells for $69,900. That places it on par or below others in the electric truck market. Rivian's R1T model has a starting price of $69,000.

But, there was a bit of a whoopsie moment during the presentation.

Tesla had discussed the armor of the truck's windows, which were said to be shatter-proof and even, perhaps, bulletproof.

And then an aide threw a metal ball at the Cybertruck and the window shattered.

"Oh my f*** God," Musk muttered after an aide hurled a metallic ball at the front window in real-time - a test that was intended to show its durability - and instantly shattered it. The back panel of the truck was also smashed during the stunt, leaving Musk visibly stunned," reported M. Corey Goldman.

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