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Why Bezos, Rometty & Costolo Are CEO's Worth Watching in 2015

Chris Roebuck, author of 'Lead to Succeed,' examines Jeff Bezos, Virginia Rometty, and Dick Costolo.

Jeff Bezos needs to inspire his employees and make sure they buy into his vision in order for the company to turn itself around in the coming year, said Chris Roebuck, author of 'Lead to Succeed'. Roebuck added that Bezos has delivered in the past and his shareholders will back him, but he must have his workers' confidence for his new products like drones to succeed. He said IBM CEO Virginia Rometty will be successful in her attempt to transform the massive technology company to a more nimble player in 2015. Finally, Roebuck said Costolo is popular among his employees, yet he needs to prove himself to the outside world.

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