Why Bankrate's CFA Expects Two More Rate Hikes in 2019

Here's why Bankrate's CFA, Greg McBride, expects two more rate hikes from the Federal Reserve in 2019.
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Are you ready for another hike?

Greg McBride, chief financial analyst at Bankrate, talked to TheStreet about why he believes the economy will see two more rate hikes from the Federal Reserve before the year is out.

"Well, the economy's still in good shape. Despite all the uncertainty and volatility in financial markets that closed out 2018, the economy's in good shape. The consumers are spending. We're coming off a very strong holiday spending season," said McBride. "When some of this doom and gloom lifts, and it may take a couple of positive headlines on the trade front for that to happen, the focus will again be on a situation where the economy's doing well enough for the Fed to raise interest rates and I do expect that they'll raise interest rates two times this year. What we aren't gonna get away from, though, is this cadence of getting one rate hike every three months like clockwork as has been the case for the past couple of years. I think this year, they might be a little bit more spread out."

You can watch the full interview here.

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