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Why Actions Speak Louder Than Words When It Comes to Equality

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It's women's equality day. 

To celebrate, Corlis Murray, Abbott's (ABT) - Get Abbott Laboratories Report senior vice president of quality assurance, regulatory and engineering services, and high-school interns talked to TheStreet about Women's Equality Day and how Abbott is empowering women involved in STEM.

When asked about celebrating and acknowledging women's equality, Murray said that it's important to not only talk about equality but also to make equality happen. 

Here's what Murray said:

"I think it's not only important to talk about how important it is. I think we have to start demonstrating it. We have to live it. And as you start doing that, then it becomes a part of our natural DNA. At the end of the day, women are affected by many buying decisions. So if you're doing focus groups on women to get their ideas and they'll understand what they want in products, how could you not bring women into your workplace to create them in the first place?" Said Murray.

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