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Where Are The Former Lehman Execs Now?

On the anniversary of the largest bankruptcy in American history, we look at where some of the former Lehman Brothers executives are now.

On September 15, 2008, after 158 years of service, Lehman Brothers became the largest bankruptcy in the history of the United States. 

On the ninth anniversary of the Lehman Brothers collapse, let's take a look at where their executives and those associated with the bank's struggles are now. 

Dick Fuld
The CEO who refused to take responsibility for the faulty bet on sub-prime mortgages owns Matrix Advisors - a consulting firm that helps smaller companies raise cash. He also owns Matrix Wealth Partners which then helps those small business owners manage their wealth according to Bloomberg.

Thomas Russo 
The former Vice Chairman is currently holding positions at various financial institutions like the Institute of International Education.

Scott J. Freidheim
The former Executive Vice President was the President and CEO of CDI Corporation from 2014 until 2016 according to his LinkedIn

Jeb Bush
The younger Bush joined Lehman as an advisor in 2007 right before the collapse. He ran a losing bid for president in the  2016 election

Ben Bernanke
The man who led the Federal Reserve through the crisis stayed at the central bank until 2014. He is now a constant speaker, author and has multiple advisory roles. You can also follow him on Twitter (TWTR) .

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