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Jim Cramer: When Is it Time to Sacrifice a Stock?

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Jim Cramer knows how and when to sacrifice a stock. 

Cramer spoke about how he knows when it's time to sacrifice a stock in your portfolio and what he's learned from Karen Cramer about sacrificing a stock. 

"Karen Cramer used to say all right, maiden in the volcano time. And maiden in the volcano meant, I actually wrote a piece about this in the New York Magazine, maiden in the volcano said sacrifice a stock, and only then will the gods please you," Cramer said. "GE (GE) - Get Free Report sacrifices, we sacrificed Alterra which was then only bought by Intel (INTC) - Get Free Report . Because I had all these semis, side links in Alterra, at that point they were one and two, they were big competitors. She goes, 'Listen, I'm throwing Alterra into the volcano,' and immediately got a bottom. It's the way it is."

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