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Jim Cramer Won't Fly Until Masks Federally Mandated

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With coronavirus cases increasing across the United States and Americans wondering what is and is not safe to do during the pandemic, TheStreet asked Jim Cramer what he'd be comfortable doing.

When would he go back on an airplane?

"...I will not go on an airplane until it's mandated by the federal government that everyone must wear a mask. I will not go on an airplane with the Russian roulette knowledge, Russian roulette knowledge that someone next to me might have COVID. It's ridiculous. It's not like COVID, you have to hug a person to get it. You can get it from that person sitting there. No one denies that, but if you want to cut the risk, you go on a plane that says a middle seat separation, and you wear a mask," he said. 

"Even if you don't have the middle seat separation, the mask, if everyone has a mask, then it's cut back. Now there are people out there who will say, "Masks aren't effective." You're missing the point entirely. Look at Taiwan. They all wear masks and it cuts down the number of people you infect. Everyone agrees with that. Fauci, in your interview, said that masks can be good. The no mask position has been completely discredited. When they demand that everyone must wear a mask, I'll be ready to travel," Cramer continued.

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