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What's Worrying Jim Cramer About Younger Investors

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Jim Cramer took to his Real Money column to discuss what investors should do when it comes to coping with the investing stages of grief.

"First, do clear your head. If you were to read Confessions of a Street Addict, there is a moment where I was deeply depressed because I had bought the wrong kind of stocks for the market and was about to be down double digits. What did I do? I stopped waiting for stocks to come back and literally sold everything. I decided that if I wanted any of those stocks I would buy them back. Of course I didn't. I knew they were wrong. You know what's wrong, too. Accept it," Cramer wrote.

"Second, do have some cash and stop borrowing money or doing nothing but buying options on stocks. That game's over with. You need to accept the fact that risky stocks do go down, something that didn't happen until about a month ago. If you aren't more conservative after what's happened, you can't be saved," he continued.

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