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What's Keeping This NYSE Trader Up at Night in 2020

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New year, new nightmares?


But Matthew Cheslock, equity trader at Virtu Financial, thinks that investors can sleep easy for the first part of 2020. 

He said that the second half of 2020 may see some bumps if someone "unexpected" gets elected.  

"The big thing everyone was worried about was [the U.S.-China trade war]. That seems to be put on the back burner. You know, China came out and had some liquidity today, so, that's obviously a good sign for the market and that's why we're up today. But 2020 is all going to be, I think as the election [is in the second half of the year], I think the [Federal Reserve] is on hold, which is a good sign for the market. So other than that, you know, unless someone really out of the norm gets elected or potentially elected, this market should be in pretty good shape for the first half," said Cheslock.   

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