What Would Make This Tesla Short-Seller an Investor

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Tesla has had quite a bumpy week.

Monday and Tuesday saw Tesla seeing hitting all-time highs, and then Wednesday saw a sell-off in the stock. 

Anyone who's been following my interviews with Real Money contributor Stephen Guilfoyle knows that Guilfoyle has taken short positions in Tesla in the past. He's also admitted that he's gotten burned on some of those positions. 

Here's what Guilfoyle wrote about Tesla on Tuesday in his Market Recon.

"Tesla. Nuff said. The shares added an incredible 19.9% on Monday, and have traded even higher overnight. Where to even begin? I think it probably more than obvious that as more and more positive news concerning this firm (including earnings, and then the foolishness of trying to place target prices on the parabolic) has been transmitted to the marketplace, that a short squeeze has taken place, but not just any short squeeze. Would it really surprise in coming days to hear that a well known or large hedge fund (or two, or more) may have been forced to capitulate on this name in coming days?" he wrote.

However, the past didn't dissuade Guilfoyle on Monday when he--once again--shorted the stock. 

But, what would it take to get Guilfoyle to invest for the long-term in Tesla's stock?

Watch the video above for his full response.

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