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What to Watch Friday: Coronavirus, Intel Earnings, JPMorgan on GE

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It's finally Friday!

Here are three stories to watch before we head into the weekend. 

Let’s Start With the Coronavirus

Late Thursday, it was announced that there have now been over 25 deaths and 800 cases of the coronavirus.

Chinese authorities have announced a travel lockdown that includes 12 cities.

Over 35 million people are under travel restrictions in China.

And Shanghai Disneyland has been shut down over concerns of the spread of the virus.

As reported yesterday, the World Health Organization has not declared the coronavirus a global emergency yet.

However, who has said that the outbreak is an emergency in China.

Let's Go Over General Electric 

JPMorgan analyst Stephen Tusa put out a note on GE GE ahead of earnings

The company is expected to report next Wednesday.

Tusa's note, aptly titled, "Max Math: Should Be a Positive Near Term, Negative Long-Term, Opposite of Prevailing Negative” dove into the Boeing's 737 MAX impact on GE.

“The growing narrative that MAX is a negative today, and anything reported will be “better than feared”, with future upside (i.e., all about next year) is not supported by the math, and there is more to the story that will need to be watched into and out of earnings, with many of these items positive but timing-related near term, and unsustainable longer term,” wrote Tusa.

He noted, “we are essentially in line with the consensus on aviation segment profit.” 

Let’s Go Over Intel’s Earnings

The company smashed records, posting quarterly revenue of over $20 billion for the first time.

Analysts had been expecting revenue of $19.2 billion.

Earnings came in at $1.52 a share, handily beating analysts' expectations for $1.25 a share.

For 2020, the company forecasts sales of around $73 billion.

Shares are up nearly 35% in the past year.

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