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What to Watch in the Markets Next Week

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It's been a long week.

So, what should you be watching next week as we enter week two of our month-long shutdown?

Chris Versace, Real Money contributor, joined TheStreet to break down what he's watching.

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Katherine Ross:
It's been quite the week between jobs, numbers, and coronavirus cases worldwide hitting over a million. So what should you be watching next week? Joining me today is RealMoney contributor, Chris Versace. Chris, let's start there. What are you watching next week?

Chris Versace:
First it's, what am I watching coming out of the weekend, Catherine, and you hit the nail on the head with the coronavirus, the expanding case count, and unfortunately the escalating death count. As well as what other ramifications, implications we're going to have coming out of Washington as we try to get this thing locked down. Other than that we have the usual amount of economic data and earnings data coming due, but as we've seen over the last couple of weeks, more companies are pulling their guidance. Companies that are reporting earnings are not giving guidance, and companies are extending their furlough. So there's going to be quite a bit to watch for next week.

Katherine Ross:
Is there any one thing next week that you want investors watching this to watch?

Chris Versace:
I would say there's probably three key things. The first one is going to be the University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index because we were trying to figure out, what are consumers thinking? How are they feeling, what might they do or spend during the current pandemic? And I think that will give us some insight into that. The other one is going to be quarterly results from Delta Airlines. DAL. We know airlines are particularly hard hit. A number of them have been cutting capacity, not just in March, April, or May, but extending out even further into the summer now. We're going to want to see what they have to say, as well as what the silver lining might be from falling oil prices.

Katherine Ross:
Chris, thank you for joining us today. And for more on the coronavirus pandemic, head on over to

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