What to Watch Before the Close Friday: The Coronavirus

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Normally, we try to offer up three different stories when it comes to our afternoon wrap, but today let's focus on the coronavirus.

Today, the Federal Reserve warned that “spillovers” from the coronavirus are posing a fresh risk to both the global and U.S. economic outlook.

The Fed, in a monetary report to Congress, said that the effects from the coronavirus have presented a new risk to the outlook.

Chinese health officials say they confirmed more than 31,000 cases of the virus, with 4,800 of those cases being considered severe.

Around 640 people have died from this disease.

And Chinese President Xi held a telephone call Thursday with President Donald Trump to assure Trump of China’s efforts to contain the spread of the virus.

And, in an interview with CNBC on Friday, Vice President Mike Pence praised China, saying that it had an “unprecedented level of transparency” with world health officials when dealing with the virus.

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