What to Expect to See Next Week as Coronavirus Fears Linger Over the Market

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Real Money contributor Stephen Guilfoyle is back to weigh in on what he's watching next week. 

With no coronavirus cure in sight, yet, here's what Guilfoyle is expecting.

"There's been so much liquidity added to the markets. I think that what you're hearing, even if you're not hearing it precisely from Jerome Powell and from Christine Lagarde, is that they're on guard, and maybe I'm reading too much into it, but they'll probably err on the side of accommodation than anything else, so I think moving forward, they're greasing the wheels enough. All you need is a lousy headline here or having a breakout somewhere where there's not coverage, where the world would have to respond as if they were shocked. I do think, forget about next week. I think going into late on Friday this week, being the great, fantastic week we've had in equities, even with the relaxation of yields spreads. I think there's a good chance for some risk-off behavior ahead of the weekend," said Guilfoyle.

Watch the video above for more.

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