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What Investors Expect From the First Fed Meeting of 2020

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What should investors expect to hear from the Federal Reserve at the first meeting of 2020?

Well, Wall Street is expecting rates to remain unchanged.

But after a selloff on Monday and fears around the coronavirus, does that belief still hold steady?

Steve Skancke, chief economic advisor at Keel Point joined TheStreet to break down what he’s expecting to hear.

“We shouldn't expect any. And certainly with the turnaround in markets today the selloff yesterday is distant history and not of much interest anymore. The Fed is prime just to, to leave it the way it is. Everything looks good,” said Skancke.

When asked whether or not he expects Fed Chair Jerome Powell to bring up the coronavirus or the possible economic impact of the virus, Skancke said no.

“I think he will not bring it up. It won't be as part of his statement. It won't be in their announcement, but I would be surprised if there weren't a question about it just because it's on someone's mind and if no one else asks, someone will,” said Skancke.

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