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What This NYSE Trader Is Watching in the Markets in 2020

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Curious about what you should be paying attention to in the markets?

Matthew Cheslock, equity trader with Virtu Financial, talked to TheStreet on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange about what he's watching and sectors that he's got his eye on.

"Well, it's off to a good start today, but you certainly should be watching the same sectors that have carried us for so long. I mean, healthcare has been great. Technology has been great. The banks picked up late in the year and even oil raised its head, as we approached the end of 2019. So, until it's broke, don't fix it. I think you keep riding these trends unless really something out of the norm comes into effect here to slow this market down," said Cheslock.  

He's also got his eye on some other sectors for investors to pay attention to.

"You know, it's easy to say there are certain sectors. I mean, just look today--the Russell is underperforming by so much. But that could be cyclical. You know, two days from now the Russell could outperform. So, I think you have to be nimble, but I don't think you want to be betting against any particular sector right now because these gains have been huge. The forecast for the S&P this year isn't so great. It's much more muted because I think the backend of 2020 is what worries everyone was going into the election," he continued.   

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