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What Sustainability Means for Bitcoin and NFTs

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Sustainability is a question when it comes to cryptocurrencies, or digital assets if you prefer. And it's something that Kevin O'Leary brought up to TheStreet.

Daniel Roberts, editor-in-chief of Decrypt, joined TheStreet, to talk about how bitcoin mining is not very sustainable because of the amount of energy is required.

"It's hitting the NFT marketplace," he said. "...I will say, and I'm not, you know, the expert on the energy consumption, but there are a lot of non-apples-to-apples comparisons that get made. People say, you know, Bitcoin mining is so horrible for the environment. Well, they're comparing it to the environmental impact of the dollar and other government Fiat currencies. And in many cases, they're comparing it to the energy use of, say, the visa payments network, visa, the credit card company. These are not apples-to-apples comparisons. I mean, you know, Bitcoin is a still very, very new technology, and it requires high energy usage."

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