What a Soft Pretzel Taught Jim Cramer About Trading a Down Market

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The market has been all over the map this week. 

Jim Cramer has some advice for investors who are feeling anxious about the market and it may be as simple as stepping away from your computer for a soft pretzel. 

Yep. You read that right. 

"My [ex-wife] came in and said...No, go get me a soft pretzel...She likes the soft pretzels, you know, the big ones cause she's not from Philly. And I came back, she had bought, I don't know, half a billion dollars worth of stock. I said, well you're going to ruin us. The market's going down. It's been horrendous for a long time. Then she said, shut up. Go get me a diet coke. So I get her Diet Coke. Everyone's looking at my trading desk and they are horrified because here I am completely humbled. Just beat down. And at two o'clock the Fed eased, emergency meeting. And we made our year," said Cramer. 

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