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MeetKevin Previews GameStop Earnings

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GameStop  (GME) - Get Free Report is reporting earnings after the bell. 

The company has also, in a shareholder vote, officially confirmed that Chewy co-founder Ryan Cohen will takeover as Chairman.

The company--in case your head has been buried in sand for the last couple of months--is leading the pack when it comes to the momentum stocks. It's the target of a short squeeze by retail investors and traders who originally flocked to the stock because of the WallStreetBets subreddit. 

The stock is up over 5,997% in the past year. Yep, you read that right. 

In the past month, it's up about 118%. 

At its 52-week high, the stock hit $483. However, GameStop didn't announce a stock offering until April, when the stock had settled in the high $100's. This move left many on Wall Street scratching their heads wondering what took management so long to announce an offering. 

But the offering didn't slow momentum and the stock is trading around $310 in intraday trading on Wednesday, June 9.

And Kevin Paffrath, who joined Coffee With Katherine to discuss the retail investor and financial literacy, has some thoughts on what he wants to hear from management in the earnings release and the call. 

Want a sneak peek? I'll sum it up in one word: NFTs. Yep, I mean non-fungible tokens

He explains why hearing about the NFTs is more important than Cohen tweeting out pictures of an ice cream cone in the video above.

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