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What Led to the Black Monday Crash?

Some of the best and brightest minds at TheStreet sat down to break down what led to the Black Monday crash and the lessons learned.

Tracy Byrnes sat down with some of the brightest minds at TheStreet to look back on the Black Monday crash 30 years later.

TheStreet's Banking and Finance Editor, James Langford recalled the day of the crash was also the day he wanted his father to buy him a new car, but instead his father was sharing stories of the great depression.

When it comes to what caused the Black Friday crash, the group, which also included Assignments Editor Michael Brown, agreed that a lack of liquidity was part of the problem.

The Deal's Executive Editor Ron Fink also pointed to what was then called "programmed trading," which was early online trading. He also described how a type of trading meant to hedge against a big drop ultimately contributed to the crash.

Originally published Oct. 19.

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