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What Jim Cramer's Top Analyst Is Watching During the GameStop Hearing

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The GameStop hearings have kicked off on Capitol Hill with Vlad Tenev, CEO of Robinhood, Ken Griffin, CEO of Citadel, and Keith Gill, the Roaring Kitty, are all facing members of Congress.

"What if there are no villains? What if the smoke clears on GameStop (GME) and we find that there were simply people on the right and wrong side and a brokerage house that was overwhelmed but didn't compromise its principles and did its best to try to make customers happy in a bizarre, fluid, novel situation?" wrote Jim Cramer in his Real Money column on Thursday, Feb. 18. "Most of all, what if this is simply the outpouring of a couple of really smart, non-hedged funds that figured out how to profit from a hedge fund's sloppy greed and lack of risk controls -- embarrassing, but not illegal."

Jeff Marks, senior portfolio analyst with Action Alerts PLUS, weighed in on GameStop. and what he will be watching during the hearing in the video above. 

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