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What Jim Cramer Would Tell President Donald Trump

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If Jim Cramer had the chance to talk to President Donald Trump, here's what he would he would tell the President. 

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Katherine Ross:
You had the opportunity to discuss your bonds plan with Larry Kudlow this morning, but let's take this a step higher. If you could talk to President Trump for five minutes in the next week, what would you say to him?

Jim Cramer:
We need to have people safe and sound. We need to tap the bond market in the way that you said, which is that the rates are going low. We need to have the equivalent of a March of Dimes, which is how we conquered polio. That was individual. This is too big, and that he ought to take advantage of the fact that so many people are united about fighting this war and would do anything they can to be able to fund it. Then we'd get a good rate. The government could give them a very good rate on it. What's the downside? Well, they're going to issue through your paper anyway. So, why not earmark it? Why not go to Congress, earmark it just for 500 billion for safety and 500 billion for SAS bond. The only reason why you wouldn't do it is because you really hated each other, democrats and republicans, and that would be really a shame.

Jim Cramer:
There does seem to be, as my friend Nat [inaudible 00:09:11] says, some sort of resistance to buy treasury to a 30 year. It makes very little sense. This is the time to do it. Challenge the American people, challenge them. Say, "Hey, listen, American people. We have heard that you want to help. We know that you want to beat Covid. Here's your chance." Let's have war bonds. It's worked in previous wars. This is a war. You can get some of the Army with you and say, "Listen, we want some of that money for the combat surgical hospitals," where they can help 250 people at a pop, and they have the medical people to handle it. So, Katherine, it is really time to raise that money so that you and I don't feel like there's nothing out there if something goes wrong.

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