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What Jim Cramer Wants From the Market for His Birthday

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Happy Birthday, Jim Cramer!

What would Jim Cramer want to see from the markets on his birthday?

He said that there are two things.

"We've had two problems. We have the coronavirus and we've had Boeing. The good people of Boeing  (BA) - Get Free Report--whom I know many--I think are finally going to catch a break soon. And the reason they're gonna catch a break is that now they have the safest plane and the plane looks remarkably like the old 737 with some additional safety features. That doesn't mean Beoing is out of the woods in the matter of how much it owes. But I think that we're going to be able to take that one off the table soon and if they can figure it out, how to make it so that people want to fly it. In my talks with the airlines, what I keep hearing is, you know what, it's just like the 737 that we're all used to now, and the pilots and were trained on this one particular aspect," said Cramer.

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