What Does Jim Cramer Need to See Before Making Moves in This Market?

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Happy Wednesday!

We're almost through the week. 

But that doesn't seem to be easing Jim Cramer, who has emphasized his concern about the lack of sellers in the market on multiple occasions.

Wednesday morning, Cramer penned a Real Money column focusing on why there's too much upside, and not enough downside, which has impacted the selling.

"Can I get out and in? Or is it just not worth the effort and the friction and the surprise possibility that the virus runs its course," wrote Cramer. "Yesterday's wake up call that the so-called worst-case has occurred with Apple AAPL, amply demonstrated by the lead story in the Financial Times explaining that travel curbs are the real culprit, the real reason why iPhones are hard to make, makes you wonder if it is worth it to trim positions in a world where are alternatives are slim and index fund buying is heavy."

But, what exactly does Cramer need to see from the market before he's ready to make moves? 

Watch the full video above for more. 

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