What Jim Cramer Needs to See From China to Secure a U.S.-China Trade Deal

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Jim Cramer wrote about the U.S.-China trade war and what he needs to see from China in his Real Money column Monday morning.

Here's what Cramer is thinking when it comes to the U.S.-China trade talks. 

"But let's understand each other. It's been the Chinese leaking endlessly that the talks aren't going well. My reporting has shown over and over again that the Chinese are unreliable in their behind-the-scenes comments, yet because of some sort of unfortunate bias, they are far more trusted than their American counterparts," said Cramer. "To me, the sticking points for this phase will be if there is something else we have to give up besides delaying tariffs -- as that isn't really that big an ask. That's what makes me a tad suspicious about this whole truce happy talk. What are the Chinese going to do to show they mean business ahead of the talks?"

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