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What Jim Cramer Is Watching Next Week

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Happy Friday!

Jim Cramer weighed in on what he's going to be watching when the markets open on Monday.

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Katherine Ross:
I hope so too, Jim. So next week, we are going to get the start of earning season. Besides for that, what are you watching next week?

Jim Cramer:
Look, I want to know whether you can ply JP Morgan. Okay. I mean here's, this is a classic example. Can you buy JP Morgan at 10 times earnings knowing that they're not going to make those estimates against it? Wells Fargo, okay. Now Charlie Sharp, I mean there are many problems at Wells, but he's got his own board now. This yields six point. Oh my God, it's up three. Oh my God.

Jim Cramer:
It's up 10% today. I mean Charlie Sharp poured a lot of stock at 27. People thought he was crazy. Now it's at 33. It only yields six. Got to wait til that thing cools off, but they reported on the 14th. But that sells at eight times earnings. God. What a move, banks are really having them move today.

Katherine Ross:
Do you think that that has to do with Jay Powell's comments that they, that he doesn't think that they will cut dividends?

Jim Cramer:
Yes, but also that he's backstopping a lot of their loans that people thought would be bad loans. So that their balance sheets, you suddenly start thinking Goldman's tangible book is real. Because those loans aren't going to go bad. That's really important. So Goldman up nine at $186 is still a buy.

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