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What Jim Cramer and the AAP Team Are Watching Into Next Quarter

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Jim Cramer gave a sneak peek into what he and his team at Action Alerts PLUS will be watching into next quarter in the exclusive, members-only Daily Rundown show Thursday, Feb. 20. 

Here's what Cramer had to say.

"Look, we have a lot of winners. We have a huge number of winners. I'm not worried. I think that we have to make decisions based on the fact that value is not necessarily the way to go. You take a look at consumer products. Procter pre-announces a bad number and the stock goes higher. It's because its growth. Value has to be, whether it be oil or whether it be anything, autos, this. That five, six, seven times earnings is for real. They're there because they should be there. That's really the lesson of what happened with Viacom, was is it was there because it should have been there. I wanted to own a value stock. I wanted to try it. I just wanted to try it. I thought that it might be an opportunity, and I was wrong. It's a learning lesson. The whole trust is a learning lesson. Imagine if we had a portfolio and you didn't know that we had it. Well, we'd be fine, but you know we have it and I can only learn from it. It's never too late to learn. Here the lesson was, don't trust value. Trust growth," said Cramer. 

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