What It's Like Working in a $5,000 Bed-Desk

Is the 'laying down desk' the new standing desk?
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Is the 'laying down desk' the new standing desk? The concept has been gaining popularity as new workplace accommodations, like the standing desk and the treadmill desk, abound. TheStreet's politics and commentary editor Jeremy Greenfield tried one from ErgoQuest out for a week to find out. The verdict? While the ErgoQuest was comfortable and fun, it might not be the future of work for everyone. For people who need it, it's a lifesaver, but for people who have office jobs and spend a lot of time in front of a computer -- it depends. The monitors, mouse and keyboard were all positioned perfectly for Greenfield to work, but he found getting in and out of the desk awkward. The temptation to take a nap in the desk was high, but it never happened. Would he do it again? Sure. Would he want it to be permanent. No, thank you.