What It Would Take to Get Jim Cramer to Buy Casper Stock

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Casper has officially become a public company under the ticker CSPR at the New York Stock Exchange.

The company opened for trading around $14.50.

Casper priced at the low end of the range, at $12 a share, Wednesday night.

The company had lowered its price range to $12 to $13 from $17 to $19 in an SEC filing earlier this week.

As it prepared to enter the public markets, Casper, which had been thought of as a unicorn (meaning it had a billion-dollar valuation), lowered its valuation to half that, to $500 million.

So what would it take to get Jim Cramer to hop in bed with Casper? 

Cramer said that it's simple, "a takeover bid."

"Do I like this business?" Cramer asked. "No, I do not." 

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