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What Is the Dow Jones Industrial Average?

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So what is the Dow Jones Industrial Average that the market talks about all day and every day?

It;s just a sock index. 

There are 30 companies listed on the index, which shoes these companies' daily stock price movements. 

The index may look big and scary with all those numbers, but don't overcomplicate this. It's like when someone asks you what's happening on your crazy looking Apple Watch. 

You respond by saying it's just tracking your calories. 

Okay, well the Dow Jones Industrial Average is just tracking the stock movements of the 30 large companies.

The index was first published in 1885, and it was founded by journalist Charles Dow and investment banker Edward Jones. You all know Edward Jones, The financial firm. 

Most companies on the Dow were initially industrials. 

Now, it's a bit different. 

Need to see the rest of this and how the Dow is different now? Watch the video above for the full breakdown? 

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