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Tax Reform, Basics and Beyond - Watch our Free Turbo Tax Webinar

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Got married? Had a baby? Bought a home? Tax reform top of mind? 


The new tax reform law is the largest piece of tax legislation in nearly 30 years, It passed December 2017 and changed a number of key items for tax payers.

That's why TheStreet is partnering with the premiere tax expert in America, TurboTax, for an exclusive free webinar. TurboTax's Lisa Greene-Lewis joined our Tracy Byrnes and help you navigate all of the changes to the tax code in our free webinar,The Ultimate Guide to Navigating Tax Reform: Watch Our Free Webinar.

Here's what you can expect in our webinar:

  • Key tax reform changes
  • Eliminated deductions
  • How to maximize your refund
  • How the tax law impacts families, self-employed, small businesses 
  • Free tools to help you file your taxes

Need more tax advice? Head over to our Tax Hub or get more expert advice from TurboTax.

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