Why Investors Should Temper Their Enthusiasm in The Markets

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Another week is over, but a new one is not too far behind.

Real Money contributor Stephen "Sarge" Guilfoyle breaks down what to watch in the markets right now and why he's tempering his enthusiasm ahead of next week.

"You want to watch for overboard conditions and all your names. We have so many charts right now that are, that are really positive. I mean, if I was just to obey my charts, I'd be long way too many names and way too many shares of the names I like," Guilfoyle said.

"So I've kinda got to temper my enthusiasm because there are going to be days leading up to the G-20 next week, which the market, will probably backtrack where profit taking has to come in. The condition, there were a lot of charts that you'll see, especially in this response, this growth response in the industrial names and some of the tech names where it's almost parabolic over the last few days." said Guilfoyle.

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