Google is heading to D.C. 

Well, CEO Sundar Pichai is. 

Pichai will be facing questions about the the allegations of anti-conservative bias.

TheStreet's Annie Gaus broke down what investors should expect from Pichai.

Like many tech executives before him,Pichai is set to testify before a House panel next week on issues stemming from Alphabet's (GOOGL - Get Report) transparency with consumers, or lack thereof. But the questioning could easily go beyond that.

Alphabet's search algorithm was thrust into the political spotlight in August, when Donald Trump sent a tweet claiming -- however unsubstantiated -- that Google's search results are "rigged" against conservative viewpoints. But broader concerns around the dominance of Alphabet's products, coupled with its reliance on algorithms that are little understood outside of the company, may come from both sides of the aisle.

"While Google has largely avoided the scandals that have plagued Facebook (FB - Get Report) over this last year, its very dominance and its business model are starting to raise serious, bipartisan concerns," said Andrew Burt, chief privacy officer at the data management firm Immuta.

TheStreet's Martin Baccardax discussed what could happen during the hearing on this week's Technically Speaking podcast.