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What Investors Should Know About the Yield Curve Inversion And Tariffs

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Between the yield curve inversion--which took place on Wednesday before the market opened. 

Michael Reynolds, investment strategy officer at Glenmede, sat down with TheStreet to talk about the strength of the consumer.

So, taking a look at the tariffs, should consumers expect the remaining tariffs to stay in place for Sept. 1?

"So, you know, and everything can change on a Tweet. That's the nature of where we are right now. You know, until we hear further notice, I think we have to assume that those tariffs are gonna go into place and have that incremental effect on making perhaps a subset of consumer goods a bit more expensive," said Reynolds. "But again, I think I want to return to the fact that the consumer is so healthy, so much driving forward this expansion at this point in time that we think they can withstand this sort of impact, you know, higher consumer goods at that point, whether it's apparel, toys, footwear, et cetera. The strength we've been seeing in that side of the economy should be enough to withstand some of this weakness."

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