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What Investors Should Keep in Mind While Watching the Democratic Debate

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It's a big day for earnings, but that's not all the market is focused on. Tonight we have another democratic debate.

Jeff Marks, senior portfolio analyst for ActionAlertsPLUS, broke down what investors should pay attention to when watching the debates tonight:

"Healthcare. Healthcare. Healthcare. And it's quite interesting because you have a company like UNH who has been beat into a pulp over the last couple of months over Medicare for All fears. They report today strong numbers, give a pretty decent outlook for 2020, stocks up 6%. Now we have the debates occurring tonight and now it's, you know, what's going to happen here, are we going to see one of the proponents of Medicare for All sort of take an even bigger lead? I'm looking at Elizabeth Warren or will more than moderate tone, like Joe Biden sort of regain his footing and try and pick up his momentum in this campaign."

Watch the video above to see what else Marks had to say about the debates and today's earnings.

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