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What the Huawei Market Reaction Says About U.S. Exposure to China

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Why should the market care about the U.S.'s move against Huawei mean for U.S. companies? 

Jeff Marks, senior portfolio analyst for Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS members-only investing club weighs in on whether or not U.S. companies are overexposed to China. 

"It's a matter of national security between Huawei and CTE. And you know, this is tough stance here in the market's actually acting very resilient to the news today, which we haven't seen in the past couple of weeks, because when tensions escalate, usually we see the market go down today. It's pretty strong actually," said Marks. "So...maybe he's saying that the market's finally saying, okay, maybe these companies aren't really being too exposed to the tariffs. I mean, we heard from Cisco (CSCO) last night...but Chuck Robbins took a proactive approach to China. They're getting out and with a very minimal revenue exposure and they're mitigating the tariffs. So I think if more companies kind of follow those guidelines maybe this impact wouldn't be as big as what everyone's kind of building it up to be."

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