What Changes Jim Cramer's Had to Make Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Society has been pretty much shut down due to the coronavirus and its fast-paced spread across the world.

But how is it impacting Jim Cramer? 

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Katherine Ross:
So, before I ask you what's top of mind for you this morning, I do want to ask you. What have you had to do to make changes to adapt to the coronavirus and its impact on us?

Jim Cramer:
That's a great question. And, okay, so here's some of the things that we've done. I'm separated from my wife and my kids. They're going to the beach house. Fortunate enough to have a beach house. Didn't mean to drop that. I'm staying in New Jersey. I think it's just difficult. Dr. Fauci has mentioned over and over again. He's talked about callow youth and how they're invincible and immortal, and the rest of us... like someone like me... are exposed and at risk. So, we're practicing that. I wear gloves the moment I'm finished here. That may not be enough. I Clorox everything. We love that stock for Action Alerts.

Jim Cramer:
I try not to be down. I try to read history during this period. I'm reading a combination of history and novels, the novels just to distract me and the history to remind me. Right now I'm reading about Leningrad because there three quarters of a million people died of starvation. I like to always put things a little bit in perspective about how bad we are now, something that's been sorely lacking for some of the hedge fund managers who come on air, in what I regard as ill-advised and suboptimal thinking. I also, I'd say, at all times are very wary and ask people, if they give me anything or about to mike me up, "When did you last Purell?" or "When did you last wash your hands?" or "Are those gloves dirty?" I'm trying to have a limited number of people I interact with. And then yesterday CNBC built a very nice home office, that I think is a little like this, so I can use in the event that things really get shut down. And I see you're at home.

Jim Cramer:
So those are the changes I've made. And the changes are depressing. I'm not yet at the stage where I'm in the Underground, sleeping, as the Germans are bombing us, but I'm a little unmoored, like everybody else. I'm a routine-oriented person, and I don't feel like my routine is helping me here. But I have to-

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