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'A Return to Normal' - What the Economy Will Look Like Under Biden

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A focus on international participation in trade and the environment coupled with a shift in spending toward infrastructure are the key themes that will shift investors' perception of the U.S. economy under a Biden administration.

"The Biden administration so far has signaled continuity, stability and a return to normal order," Dr. Kislaya Prasad, academic director for the Center for Global Business at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business, and a research professor for the university’s online MBA in business analytics program, told TheStreet. 

"Overall I think we're going to have stability, predictability and sound management, which is going to be welcomed around the world."

While headwinds including the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as well as the Jan. 6 insurgence on the Capitol will continue to dominate internal politics and to a degree, economics, the international community will look to the U.S.'s re-joining the World Health Organization, the Paris Accord and other efforts as a positive step forward.

"Some of it will depend on how this insurgency plays out. I'm expecting that temperatures will go down a bit after the inauguration and Mr.. Biden will get on with the task of governing," Dr. Prasad said. 

"But if it turns out this insurgency runs deeper and there is a protracted law and order problem in addition to all the other challenges, then you would expect countries around there world to hedge their bets. to take actions to mitigate risks by looking at other markets."

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